Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Role of SciFi in Futurism

Scifi has a major role to play in looking and trying to predict the future trends. Its a place where authors can let go, and dream up ideas and concepts, some times inventing sometimes letting current events of inventions evolve without constraint.

One such Scifi event s called H+, a series let out in weekly episodes vis Youtube, looking at the way implants in particular brain implant giving access to the net and all it can and might offer. Shown over 48 episodes the link I offer below has then all in one long set, complete with all endings and adverts,

Its done on the cheap, thats obvious, and its an interesting way to present the story, but sit back and look behind the story at what might be, and some of the problems.

Its not an answer, neither is is what will be, just what might be,

In my previous article on Robotic's, I looked at a list, Scifi was missed out, but perhaps thinking on it, I should have added it, the ability to dream and let a story or event unfold as if in a dream state is one way to allow an idea to formulate, without constraints, or even lead to an idea, so often ways of allowing a story to unfold rely on inventing science, real or not. The older you get the more difficult it might become, although I seem to be able to dream ideas without much effort.

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