Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sensors in Architecture

If there is an area that we need to understand, and develop an understanding in, it has to be Sensors. Buildings will come to depend on them, not just for basic performance, but security and structural strangth.

The video below looks at the way pin or access codes are used, and how we might switch to a lot of other snipits of information that the phone will collect that will let a door know if you have access to a room.

But the research might be well beyond this, sensors will monitor eveything, people, weather, and room use, doors opening, temp, calendars, building use as a whole.

no more tags, or card readers, my University is so dependant on them, but its so dumb, If i scan to go out, and suddenly remember a book on my desk, and do not actually go out, the door will not open for me, just because I have scanned to go out.

Placing sensors might simply be so simple as random in plasterboard, once the building software scans the sensor it will use that data, and here is the first problem I see, in the hacking that might be done via that sensor, but its a small problem in comparison to the ease and security the new sensor system might offer.

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