Saturday, 2 January 2016

Futurism and The Jetsons

It happens so often, your attend a lecture given by a futurist, and as part of it, they mention the Jetsons, most are not old enough to have watched the cartoon, but its gets rolled out as part os what we might see. So I thought its time, and the right place to look at the Jetsons, and examine the way, it played it role in Futurism.

First shown in 1962 it lasted until 1988, revolves around a family set in a Skypad Apartments in Orbit City, in a future with the trappings of science fantasy depictions of American life in the future, 2062 to be precise.

So first port of call might be an excellent article by Matt Novak in the Independant, an article on the Smithsonian site is also well worth reading. But is a much larger article, again from Matt Novak, that is the real overviw I think you should read. It takes in more than just the Jetson, looking at the golden age of Futurism. Although its a USA, American idealism, I recognise so many themes from on of my all time great comic The Eagle.

This subject is part of a much larger presentation I give, for more details and a chance to book me,

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